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Sewer Camera Inspections Miami

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Inspecting sewer lines for damage and weaknesses is an important step in preventing costly repairs and replacements. In the past, inspecting sewer lines required digging up the pipes to visually inspect them, tearing up massive sections of soil in the process.
These large trenches damaged lawns, gardens, plants, and lowered property values, not to mention high cost for the heavy digging equipment required.
With modern technology, however, it is possible to inspect entire sewer lines from the inside without damaging pipes or digging trenches.
A small camera can be mounted on a long wire and then run through the sewer lines to check for cracks or weaknesses in the pipes.
Trained professionals can view the feedback and footage for signs of damage. This requires little or no digging, and if a section is found to be damaged, it can be repaired or replaced with only minimal digging required.
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